Konrad Lohöfener

9 leicht is a result of experiences in the collaboration with outdoor supplier Vaude. It was inspired by the tent designs of famous engineers like Frei Otto and Jörg Schlaich. The concept draws on the general principles of lightweight construction and is an effort to translate ideas from outdoor design into furniture design. Aluminum rods, which are covered with a textile membrane, carry the entire load and create a floating impression. These are attached crosswise with swivels and placed in fittings on the top and bottom shelf boards. The membrane is strapped to all shelf boards and creates a prestressed construction, which gains stability with increasing load. Like modern tents, the shelf is easy to assemble and light to carry - which is also illustrated by a handy bag. 9 leicht was awarded the Stuttgarter Leichtbaupreis in 2009.




Prototype sponsored by Vaude, Horvath, Koskisen


poplar plywood, aluminum, kite fabric


86 x 45 x 185 cm, 9kg


Philip Birau

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