Konrad Lohöfener

“What is lightweight? Can the term lightweight even be grasped? Is it possible to measure it, to feel it? What is actually lightweight and what only looks that way?” (Frei Otto: IL24 Principles of Lightweight Construction, p.13)

As fundamental as Frei Otto's questions about lightweight construction are, they also express a certain exaltation of clever construction forms, both in technology and in nature. These questions in mind, a group of sixteen students searched for answers. Over a four day period they grappled intensively with the subfield of lightweight construction known as space frameworks, reconstructing existing designs as well as analyzing and testing the peculiarities and static properties of self-developed models. Cardboard tubes, rope, and another material served as raw materials for a joint. The results playfully explore relevant design principles while bringing to light connections between form, force and mass.




Volles Rohr


Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design / interior architecture / furniture and interior design

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