Konrad Lohöfener

In this workshop, we spent a week dealing with what is probably one of the oldest cultural techniques known to mankind - weaving. The joining of flexible elements is still used today in many areas with very different materials. The course was immersed in this fascinating world of networks in a direct, intuitive, practical, and experimental way. It was particularly important to explore the transition from two-dimensional surfaces to three-dimensional structures together.




Flechten / Weaving


Marthe Amerlynck, Malin Trepel, Bruno Bleschke, Luci Schwingen, David Bühler, Luka Ahrens, Josephine Dishoni, Stella Sachse, Emil Frederking, Johann Seidl, Helena Cremer, Simon Höfer, Tabea Budnowski, Julian Leibold, Leon Habig, Daniel Sauter, Verena Siebeck, Caroline Fischer, Namju Kim, Riana Bußmann, Jiwon Lee, Lydia Fuchs, Ruth Pietschmann, Henrike Bergmann, Laila Paim, Natalie Doerschel, Nathalie Hebbering

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